There is an array of statistics, conducted by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, that jobs regarding the casino industry will have a massive growth of 13% within the time frame of 2014 – 2020. This statistic is much higher than the average when listing it in comparison with other careers. Casinos might even add to an economy to such an extent that countries will consider investing in it for the mere concept of generating money to assist the economy. Some countries believe it to be a safety net for them to fall back on. Especially when things get hard and jobs become scarce. Adding a casino would be able to compensate for the budget shortfalls in a company and in doing so, add to the success of the overall market in any country.

The rise in popularity for Poker has also continued to open more and more card clubs spread across many countries. People are taking more interest in Poker and relevant card games, which is also allowing for more employment opportunities. Even though the economy might be in a struggle from time to time, casinos always seem to stay consistent with regards to business, despite any economic shortfalls.


The basics and compensation when working for a casino

If choosing a career in the casino industry interests you, you’ll soon come to find that while it might seem glamorous on the front pages, its not the case in all instances. Instead of working in the city as one might think is the case, you’ll probably end up working in smaller towns or cities where casinos are one of the main attractions. Casinos are usually located outside of the biggest metro areas.

Salaries in the casino industry

According to statistics, one position that probably pays the most in the casino industry, is the Gaming Managers. They pay on average $73 420 or more. Gaming supervisors earn almost 40% less with an average of $48 000. Dealers fall down the scale, earning about $17 420. Although they earn one of the lesser amounts, they also earn tips, which up their salary quite a bit and makes it hard for them to be added to a statistic as it is never the same and constantly fluctuates. The slot key personnel earn on average about $25 460, which is slightly more than what the dealers earn. This is probably the one statistic that does not make the most sense, but it’s true. For those who would like to start a career in the casino industry can expect a wage that is a bit higher then the minimum wage.

With each state of casinos having their own laws and regulations, a proof of experience in the industry is key. It is not an industry to be messed about with and is taken extremely seriously by those who own it. It can be both exciting and increasingly stressful at times, but above all will make your job seem extremely entertaining.